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10 Best Practices for Support Team Members

In today’s environment, having a well-structured team with dedicated support team members often proves to be the competitive advantage for advisors. With what we see in the industry, support team members are often under-utilized or not provided with the right professional development opportunities. Again and again, we see advisors achieve tremendous results and expand the team’s overall success when their support staff is given additional training, tools, and resources.

The following 10 tips for support team members are provided by top sales assistants, service managers, and client service representatives across multiple channels including wirehouse, regional and independent.

  1. Build an open and honest relationship with your advisor(s)
. Communicate frequently – morning huddle, weekly team meetings, quarterly planning sessions, etc.
  2. Understand AND exceed advisor’s AND client’s expectations. 
Be proactive, focus on what can be done to eliminate reactive fire drilling.
  3. Build strong relationships with your clientele. 
KNOW them, listen to their needs, wants, and desires.
  4. Learn the technology and platform so that you can do your job better. 
Document what you know and don’t know.
  5. Develop processes to become efficient
. Systems are the solution to excellent service.
  6. Maximize all resources available (both internal at your firm and external such as wholesalers, etc.). 
Seek out the people who can help you.
  7. Increase your self-awareness
. Understand your strengths and challenges.
  8. Commit to ongoing learning and master your craft
. Ask questions, read, talk to your peers and associates, and build your own professional development plan.
  9. Free up your advisor’s time to allow them to do what they do best
. Without a focus on sales, a business cannot grow.
  10. Develop a thick skin – it’s a tough business, but it can be rewarding, too! 
Focus on what you can control.

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