Forget about the Prospects, and Remember me.

In all likelihood you have a bank account, and a cell phone. If you don’t, then you’re my hero and you can call anytime, I’d like to work for you. Assuming though, that you’re just like me then perhaps you … READ ON >

More evidence of an outdated Prospecting/Sales Model.

My bank is offering a new IPOD to anyone who will open up a new account. I have been a client of my bank for years, I pay all kinds of fees, I have a few accounts, two mortgages, and … READ ON >

Getting referrals is a process – launch it early, and consistently.

When we started focusing on financial advisors over 15 years ago, we established our reputation on our ability to dramatically increase the number of referrals our clients received. Our secret was that we started the referral system immediately, and we … READ ON >

Consistent. Congruent. Credible.

Most financial advisors don’t have a matrix in place – and this typically yields sporadic results that are difficult to track. Without an established, duplicable system your success hinges on your best intentions. Imagine what the life of the typical … READ ON >

A Service Matrix will insulate your client relationships from bad markets.

Are you confident your top 20 clients know what your service matrix is? Pause for a moment and consider these questions – answer them truthfully. When you think of the top 20% of your clients, could they describe you and … READ ON >

Product, Service, Experience – What do your clients talk about?

The world’s greatest gas station, The Island Park ESSO, is in my neighbourhood. My wife and I fill up our cars there without fail, and we love to send guests there on their way out of town – this has … READ ON >

I may be a preferred client – but as far as I’m concerned this relationship is over.

Are your clients loyal to you, your services or your firm? I have been thinking about this lately because of a dreadful experience I recently had with my airline of choice. Some background – I fly over a 100 times … READ ON >