I put my back into my living …

My cousins Ted and Joan have been building wooden boats for over 30 years. www.bearmountainboats.com you can see their work for yourself. Recently we bumped into each other in the parking lot of a local store in Ottawa, I drive … READ ON >

The W Hotel in Chicago – Whatever, Whenever.

When you read this blog, I want you to keep reminding yourself that what The W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago did, didn’t cost a lot of money. It probably didn’t cost $2. Since they invested not even $2, … READ ON >

The Last 10 Pushups

Recently my friend Rob stopped in to visit me. He is also an entrepreneur and a dad so he stopped in and brought his son over who played with my daughter in the back yard. Sweetie says the house is … READ ON >

Old Code

Several years ago my friend Kenny and I started talking about ourselves, people in general, motivation, fear, success, failure, desire and how all of it – all of this primal thinking is driven by basic instinct. We started to refer … READ ON >


I think we need to rename our species now – I think that Homo-Sapiens is out of date. I think it would be appropriate to call ourselves Homo-Technicus (man who works/lives with technology) because we are certainly at the point … READ ON >

My New Bike

I make no secret of my preference to shop and buy local and support my fellow entrepreneurs. My neighborhood is full of them, and over the next little while I intend to profile as many of them as possible. There … READ ON >

Nashville, Tennesee – December 8