Conference Photo – Orlando, FL – June 26, 2011

Dennis with Renee Balfour from Putnam Investments, and Ed Salerno of Mass Mutual at the Mass Mutual National Conference in Orlando this past weekend.

Are You A True Partner?

Very rarely do I sleep late or through my alarm, but even more rarely do I win at poker, which I had done the night before and it took me most of the night to do it, waiting for the … READ ON >

What Successful People Do

This is kind of cosmic. A few minutes ago I made a coffee and sat down to do my final proof read of this post. My phone rang, it was my tailor George who I have written about. George just … READ ON >

Anchors Away

Some things you buy because they are cheap, and you are not emotionally invested. Deodorant. Toothpaste. Tires. RAM for your computer. If you sell these sorts of things – then you are going to compete on either price or service. … READ ON >

Minneapolis, MN – October 4-6, 2011

Title: Minneapolis, MN – October 4-6, 2011Location: Minneapolis, MNStart Date: 2011-10-04End Date: 2011-10-06

New York City, NY – September 14, 2011

Title: New York City, NY – September 14, 2011Date: 2001-09-14

Minneapolis, MN – July 19, 2011

Title: Minneapolis, MN – July 19, 2011Location: Minneapolis, MNDate: 2011-07-19

Whatever, Whenever – W Hotel San Diego

You may like to read this blog if you missed my last post about amazing customer service at W Hotels. I was standing in The Marriott Marina Hotel in downtown San Diego. This hotel is right beside the San Diego … READ ON >

Pittsburgh, PA – June 16, 2011

Title: Pittsburgh, PA – June 16, 2011Date: 2011-06-16

Washington DC – Merrill Lynch – June 15, 2011

Title: Washington DC – Merrill Lynch – June 15, 2011Location: Washington DCDate: 2011-06-15