Laser Focus

Evolution of your enterprise does not happen in an instant. Shifting entrenched habits, set procedures and organizational culture is more like turning an ocean liner than a jet ski. As a result meaningful change is hard to make since it … READ ON >

Putting Experience in Client Service

Employees that have the capability to enhance the experience of a customer/client are worth their weight in precious metal. If you are not happy with the current level of client experience with your front line staff, don’t lose heart. Here … READ ON >

The Power Of Optimism

 If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” – Peace Pilgrim In a recent scientific study, it was determined the average individual has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. Unfortunately, the same study suggested … READ ON >

The Little Decisions

My Dad told me I should never wrestle with big decisions, that it was much smarter to just make them and live with it. He Dad pointed out that a big decision is only a big decision because you can … READ ON >

Our Favorite Technology

Last week we asked what your favorite technology was. We had some interesting answers that ranged from a special pen to portfolio allocation software. We also promised to tell you what our favorite technology is here at DMWSC. Our favorite … READ ON >

3 Ways To Save You From Yourself

In operating a small to medium enterprise it is inevitable that one of the most daunting challenges you will encounter is growing your team/organization. A critical part in growing your organization is to making sure that you do not hire … READ ON >

The Most Important Person

You can learn pearls of wisdom from every person if you just take the time to listen.  My professional mentor always stated to respect all people the same regardless of title. I guess the same can hold true when looking … READ ON >