Innovation Underway

Welcome to the week. We are making some technology innovations this week. The blog will be down for the entire week as we make our changes. Hopefully your withdrawal symptoms  won’t be too bad. We apologize in advance. See you next week. Thanks … READ ON >

How Many Feet in a Meter?

To answer this question you will have to do a conversion. Which is fine but is it not easier when you only use one standard for measurement? Measurement in your business is the same thing. Often times we find that … READ ON >

The Entertainer and Connector In You!

I love being affiliated with Dennis and Tom as it gives me different insight into their experiences and thoughts. One such thought is with the acronym CLAN. While C is for Career, I refer to it as Connector as well. … READ ON >

Lizard Slaying …

I have been encouraged by all the emails and notes re these blogs on resistance so as per a few requests I am going to write a few more based on the most frequent of the FAQs. #1 – How … READ ON >

Feeling Bold?

Here is an action item for the next week. Pick three of your favorite/best clients and either call them or arrange a lunch or breakfast if you can. Not overly hard! Now here is the challenge. Before you call or … READ ON >

Building a Culture of Innovation

An innovative culture rests on some key building blocks: resources, processes, values, behavior, climate and success. These building blocks are dynamically linked. For example, the values of the enterprise have an impact on people’s behaviors, on the climate of the … READ ON >

Love and Family

I am Polish Catholic and come from a large family.  Birth control was obviously not in our vocabulary as my sister had 8 children.  My sister loves all of her kids and they are a very close family.  I have … READ ON >

Don’t Hesitate

A lot of people called or emailed to talk about the blog, Enter The Lizard, which posted yesterday. We all wrestle with resistance, as I have said many times resistance is the most serious enemy impeding our progress, but I … READ ON >


This blog must be finished in 120 seconds. No matter what. I ship. This blog might be a disaster, and it will likely have many spelling errors and it may not make sense. But it’s an exercise I must do. … READ ON >

How to Deal With Complaints

How you fix things with your clients is as important as what you fix. Grumbling about the time and expense it may be costing you is counter-productive. There is no such thing as a small complaint. Every complaint represents a … READ ON >