Book Announcement

Hello Everyone, We are so very happy to let you know that Dennis’ first book, Serious Shift: How Experience Can Save your Practice is available for your reading pleasure. The book is available is available in any digital format right here, … READ ON >

A Snapshot In The Family Album

Speaking with a photographer friend, I was sorry to hear that her business is struggling. Digital cameras have changed the game forever and professional photographers are feeling the pinch. “Now anyone can take a 1000 ‘images’, delete 999 lousy shots, … READ ON >

Commitment Is Everything.

The truth is nobody can make you better at doing anything unless you want to do it. People who bring poetry and purpose to what they do don’t get it done by accident. They are committed. Success always boils down … READ ON >

The Greatest Selling Lesson In The World

Over the years, I have heard others talk about the top producer as some incredible sales person. When in fact, everyone who has ever had a close friend knows how to sell. How you act and talk to your best … READ ON >

What’s The Story, Morning Glory?

You just never know what blog is going to be a hit … I get a lot of emails from people who tell me they are now getting up really early in the morning and that they are realizing tremendous … READ ON >

Excellence Should Be Your Motivation

Absolutely anyone can have success for a year or two. You might have the right product or service at the right time. You might have the right message that is in vogue for a while. Excellence is being able to … READ ON >

Some Food for Thought

I wanted to share some words of wisdom from someone who was formative to the modern world. Don’t judge the words. Instead consider them for what they mean. Perhaps there is something in them for you. They speak  loud and … READ ON >

Luck, Really?

Luck is not something that happens. It is something you create. LUCK = THE POINT WHERE OPPORTUNITY AND PREPARATION MEET What are you doing today to prepare yourself for opportunity? Are you engaged in personal development? Are you improving your … READ ON >

There Is Nothing Wrong With You!

I remember going to meetings and feeling so inadequate. I would think about all of the things others were doing and asking myself why I was not doing them? Forget all of my genius ideas and the fact that I … READ ON >


FAQ #3 – How much of success has to do with what you think about? Yes thinking positively will lead to success not only in business but in life.  Successful people tend to think successfully, successful people do a lot … READ ON >