Manage Activities Not Time

Activity Management is more critical to your success than time management. When you are doing all the things you shouldn’t be doing, time becomes a constraint. However, when you are only doing what you do best, which has the added … READ ON >

Damned By Faint Praise

When was the last time anything worth talking about was ordinary? My father-in-law once asked me “What guarantees the success of a restaurant?” His answer “Hungry people.” So I guess if you sell sandwiches at lunch time in the food … READ ON >

What Do You Make?

No not a living. Make a difference. Make a rumpus. Make a legacy. Make them notice. Making a living is harder than it’s ever been before – there are not as many factory jobs, or company jobs or teaching positions … READ ON >

The New Comfort Zone

I’ve been a Dad to little girls for a while now, over six years and my second daughter is not quite a year and a half old. I’m pretty good at the Dad business, I can operate mostly cheerfully on … READ ON >

Hats Off To Tom Frisby

Tom Frisby is my friend and my business partner. Tom is the better half of DMWSC and he heads up our private consulting services. Over the last 3 years Tom has been working on a personal goal that will greatly … READ ON >

Self Preservation

Part of a healthy and balanced life requires you to look after yourself. Part of being on your game is to ensure that you are fueling yourself with some personal fulfillment. A wise person once told me that no matter … READ ON >

Ideas That Spread Win

Boring ideas don’t spread, and boring organizations don’t grow. Boring teachers don’t get talked about and boring menus are not remarkable enough to mention. Boring isn’t doing anyone any favours. At the very core of a successful operation or initiative … READ ON >

Your Work Should Change People

Who were you a year ago? What about a few years ago? Are you better? More skilled? More insightful? Are you more patient or more loving? Could you sit your former self down and tell her all you have learned, … READ ON >

The Un-Comfort Zone

If you want to achieve your inspiring vision of success then you are going to have to explore some of the territory (in your head) that makes you the most uncomfortable. It takes courage to enter the Un-Comfort Zone, where … READ ON >

What Is Your Legacy?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde Lately we have been spending a lot of time talking to people about the power of expressing themselves through their art. Your … READ ON >