Small Isn’t A Better Version Of Big

Small is different. Small can’t beat big. Their budgets are huge, they have better locations, they have National advertising they have more of everything, so much so, they can give it away. You can’t compete with Wal-Mart if you are … READ ON >

Small Is The New Black

The best companies in the world are small companies that do really good work, and think big. Companies that are small can more easily afford to farm out the boring stuff like book keeping, editing, website building to capable professionals … READ ON >

You Only Heal Once

I was emailing with my friend Warren who is a successful professional, very smart and he has a happy life, a beautiful wife and two girls. Warren and I share a love of downhill skiing, so the other day, one … READ ON >

Oh Howard, Stop It!

We had a powerful response to this when we saw it. We have shared it with some forward thinking advisors in a Mastermind Group we did yesterday and they agreed. Howard Schultz of Starbucks and the need for Experience and … READ ON >

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Here is a slide from the Mastermind Group we are hosting in Chicago today. The power of focusing on the right actives. How do you stack up?    

Welcome to our new blog!

The custom of presenting our hosts and hostesses with a gift is a charming grace note practiced by guests the world over. The anticipation of hospitality is acknowledged, and appreciated, with a small token. The same logic suggests that gifts … READ ON >

The Two Way Street

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.” – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism I had an advisor tell me today that trust is a two way street. He was explaining to me that one of the hallmarks of his … READ ON >

Sprint Early. Finish Strong.

Here is a really simple tip that will have a profound effect on your life and happiness. Start every new project with urgency; don’t tell yourself you will get to it in a few days. Don’t take comfort in a … READ ON >

Kirk Out

William Shatner came out with a great album a few years ago called Has Been. Yes that William Shatner, and yes he did that talking thing and you better believe that album was amazing. By the way the holidays are … READ ON >

DiRinzo’s Sandwich Shop, Little Italy, Ottawa

There is a little store in little Italy that is famous in Ottawa for their sandwiches. Everyone goes to DiRienzo’s and nobody is ever disappointed. It’s a real genuine sort of place, lacking of all pretention, tucked away on a … READ ON >