What Will They Choose?

If you are Wal-Mart, or Costco, or you deal in volume, maybe you sell the most pencils in the southwest, then the value you bring to your audience is likely price. You sell for the lowest price. That isn’t necessarily … READ ON >


  I love this quote from John Lennon. Having the conviction to make your own statements about your own belief system and being comfortable in your own skin is the mark of a true artist. Just think of the courage … READ ON >

Simple but Effective

Last week I was talking with a client by the name of Pete, about the importance of continually improving his team’s capacity and ability to deliver their client experience. His two-step approach is simple and effective. Step 1 Every time … READ ON >

When You Are About Something

Some people will love you and others will hate you, or worse, ignore you. Being ignored is awful – you don’t even merit the effort it would take to tell you to get lost. When you are about something you … READ ON >

A Mellow Submarine

Thanks to my friend Ryan in DC who reads our blog and was kind enough to bring this article to our attention. Thanks Ryan, keep them coming. DMW You can read the article for yourself right here. What happened to … READ ON >

Turning Back The Dial

I’ve had a little insomnia lately, thankfully only at night. The consequence is that I find myself watching late night or middle of the night television, and the television ads amaze me. The ads that run on TV in the … READ ON >

The Outliers

There are always those who take whatever it is they are doing, too far or at least too the extreme. There are people who appreciate a nice meal, and then there are weirdoes, sorry I mean “Foodies” who are way … READ ON >

Whose In Charge Here?

Ever find yourself completely, perhaps utterly out of control? You look around and wonder how did this happen? Well my friend, you allowed this to happen. Unless you are six years old, in all likelihood you can thank yourself for … READ ON >

Everything Is Built On Trust

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time asking themselves questions … Is my price low or high enough? Does this thing work well enough? Does someone else have something similar that is somehow ‘cooler?’ Am I doing enough with social media? … READ ON >

Be The Type Of Person You Would Want To Meet

That’s the story isn’t it? Not what you do but who you are and how you make people feel? To bring out the best in others you have to be willing to invest the best of yourself. You have to … READ ON >