The Jeep Cherokee

Not the Grand Cherokee, but just The Cherokee (with the squinty headlights) breaks my heart. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the people in Chrysler’s marketing department had a focus group with a bunch of people who indicated … READ ON >

Your Brand Is …

What people say about you when you are not around, or when you are about to enter a room or have just left it. “Dennis is a solid guy.” Don’t overthink this stuff. We are what we repeatedly do.

Shift Into Gear

A little refresher … Your strategy is the story of why your idea is going to catch on and spread. Your plan is what you are going to do to make your story come true. Measuring means tracking your goals … READ ON >

The Power of Words

What do you tell yourself? Is there anything else to say?

How to Prompt Trustworthiness in Others

(from the Harvard Business Review, March 2014) Be Generous Creating feelings of gratitude foster trust worthy behaviour. Giving team members a reason to feel grateful to you is a win-win. They benefit in the short term from your generosity and … READ ON >

Seat-mate Session April 11th

I had just had two fantastically fun days working in Minneapolis, met some great clients, spoke at some great events and had the best meal I have had in a restaurant in two years at Burch in Minneapolis. Not to … READ ON >

Be About Something

What does your audience think you are about? (For my American friends, you can read that as me asking ‘aboot’ if you want.) Tom and I are business consultants – we make businesses run more efficiently and effectively. What we … READ ON >

Make Sure They Know Why You Do It

Absolutely anyone who is looking to build an audience, or keep an audience is a leader. You might not think of yourself as a leader, but you had better start because that is exactly what you do. Leaders inspire others … READ ON >

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”  – Winston Churchill What a great quote. Winton’s Churchill’s’ legacy was not built on his success (or his failures) but on his strength of … READ ON >

Perspective on the Big Picture

A recent Harvard Business Review article from March 2014 had some very interesting statistics on the how business leaders perceive and manage success both professionally and personally. Since these insights are so different than what is portrayed on shows like … READ ON >