I’m In It For You

I’m not going to tell you that I am sometimes suffer to prove to you that I am a normal person, just trust me, if I wanted to I could instantly crank out a list of the present events that … READ ON >

The Definition of an Amateur

“Inspiration is for amateurs – the rest of us just show up and get to work!” – Chuck Close. We will leave the interpretation of this up to you. Our prediction is that if you have found this quote inspiring … READ ON >


Dennis and I love innovation. We love to inspire innovation and we love to see innovation sparked by others. We also really enjoy having others help us innovate. So we are starting something new, it will be called ‘Eureka!’. Once … READ ON >

My Doctor

I had a Doctor’s appointment the other day, I’m mostly fine you will be happy to know. While the appointment was happening, I was paying attention to the Docs bedside manner, how he set and managed expectations, how he explained … READ ON >

10 Principles For Enlightened Entrepreneurs

Be grateful to be in business and treat everyone with respect and dignity. Embrace what is possible, and strive for reasonable but consistent improvement. Be a little weird, it’s alright. People like a little weird. Be generous, be open-minded and … READ ON >

All You Need To Do

Is muster the courage to be more. More then they expected, maybe even more then you thought possible. You can do it. You’re reading this blog aren’t you? See. You want to be amazing. You don’t have to change everything; … READ ON >

What You Can And Cannot Do

I met an entrepreneur for a coffee and while he was telling me what he does, I was getting confused. I knew he did something technical for other entrepreneurs who essentially farm out “development” to these geeks. Makes perfect sense, … READ ON >

Horizontally Not So Much Vertically

This is how good ideas, or news about good people or art or services spread. We don’t hear about it in adverts we hear about it from a friend, a waiter, a guy at the club. Its getting harder and … READ ON >


The biggest difference between a successful business and a failing business is often vision – the failing business doesn’t exist for any compelling reason, whereas the story of the successful business is something we want to hear and are excited … READ ON >

Why Do They Like You?

It probably has less to do with what you do then it does why they believe you do it.