Something Borrowed …

I was working on something else entirely but as I wrote along I thought that the following stuff might be helpful – enjoy. DMW And so the story goes … When anyone is thinking about buying anything, they will start … READ ON >

Happiness Steps 17 through 20

17. Make a list of all the things you need to be truly happy and keep it really short. We always confuse our needs and our wants. My short list would be … sufficient funds to keep my family safe … READ ON >

Happiness Steps 13-16

Steps 13 through 16 13. Get involved in something where your time and talent will be a gift. The greatest reward in the world is helping someone else. Share your talents and your knowledge, its addictive. It will also make … READ ON >

Forget the Many, Care for the Few

“Taking your time doesn’t scale” – Seth Godin   This week we are taking a direct copy from a Seth Godin blog. We take no claim to any part of what follows. Seth gets 100% of the credit.   When … READ ON >

Are You Really Ready?

A diet and implementing business strategy share some key similarities. The most striking of which is that unless you actually make a change to how you do things, both will fail.

Happiness Steps 9-12

9. Wherever you are, be there. I have nothing too profound to say about this. Be present. Be mindful and aware. You will avoid all kinds of trouble, and you will realize all kinds of opportunities to assist others. 10. … READ ON >

Happiness Steps 5 through 8

5. Do some things that are satisfying, not fun. I am looking at you “Working Out.” I don’t really enjoy working out, and if you have ever seen me with my shirt off then you know I am not lying, … READ ON >

4 Steps To (More) Happiness

I am writing to you from the finish line/starting line. “last year” was a lovely success and it is now in the bag, I am already looking forward to 2015 which for me starts in September. But today I am … READ ON >

Esteem and Self-Worth Over Net-Worth

“There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.” -Henry David Thoreau Just some thoughts … We have tied self-worth to net-worth … READ ON >

The Price

            This picture is of a potential renovation to my not so secret summer lair, and also the ski schedule for Mont Tremblant. The red days are days I can ski with my pass. Tom … READ ON >