The Benefit of Silence

“…You put yourself in some kind of trance in order to receive certain songs … You know, its like setting a trap for a song, its like fishing or anything else. You have to be real quiet to catch the … READ ON >

Eliminate Stress Steps 9 through 12

While writing these blogs I have been doing some informal polling (beg pardon?) of my friends and some unsuspecting seat mates on airplanes, including a Member of Parliament who opened up like a can of tuna when I asked him … READ ON >

Eliminate Stress Steps 5 through 8

I was going to write a real snappy introduction to ease us into this next part of our list, so I went to this site of The American Psychological Association for some facts and I have to tell you I … READ ON >

Eliminate Stress Tips 1-4

Stress is more dangerous than you realize and, in fact, it can kill you. Stress will rob you of ambition and ability – ability to learn, to earn or love. Stress is the enemy and most of us are over stressed. … READ ON >

And Now for Something Completely Different

The two of us are sitting over tacos, and my new friend is explaining how he is longing to create a business that is unique, necessary and beautiful. Something that means as much to others as it does to him. … READ ON >

The Four Seasons in Boston

I made it to the lobby of The Four Seasons in Boston and I was more morbidly tired. I mentioned as much to the front desk agent, McCall, and we caught up a little while she checked me in. I’m … READ ON >

Part Of The Conversation

I wrote this in an email to my friend Peter the other day, and then I went for a walk in the woods and thought about it for a while. “ … Its not really that complicated – but it’s … READ ON >

Storage Overload

There are entire buildings that have been erected across my city just to store extra stuff. Giant buildings, built tall and proud like the ancient pyramids for mostly the same reasons – to store a bunch of stuff that no … READ ON >

You Can Have Anything You Want …

There has never been a time in history where it was easier to get something started and to be successful with it. Money is easy to acquire and cheap to borrow, you are connected to a global market place, so … READ ON >

Get Better 13 – 15

13. Get Your Own Accelerator! (Just add water!) Have a beautiful place to work and think. Regular readers know that I refer to my office as The Accelerator. Beautiful is quiet, comfortable and reserved for you and your creativity. It … READ ON >