Fundamentals, Basics and Brilliance

Do what you promised. Do it right. Do it every time. Never forget who you are, and why you are. These minor details are not differences, they are everything that matters to your audience. When Howard Schultz was brought back … READ ON >

Be Hungry For Substance

The pursuit of riches is an obvious motivator for a lot of people. From what I have learned I assure you that your income is directly related to your personal and professional development. Read great books, business books, business blogs … READ ON >

Famous Quote Friday – HUNTER S. THOMPSON

“Never turn your back on fear, it should always be kept in front of you like a thing that might have to be killed.” – Hunter S. Thompson The biggest fear that exists is the fear you feel when you … READ ON >

Getting Dirty

Getting dirty is the place where innovation and vision hit the reality of implementation. The sign of a truly great business is being able to take vision and concepts and put them into action. Once the planning is done. Once … READ ON >

The Experience Economy – Fox Harbor Nova Scotia

I am stopped in front of a big black gate in the middle of nowhere. Black iron, tall and official looking. I wasn’t expecting this; I have been driving for 2 hours along a typically empty Canadian highway, through lovely … READ ON >

Pretend You Have No Marketing Budget …

How would you ensure that the right people are learning about your services? How would you get the word out and ensure that you had a consistent list of new people who were interested in what you have to offer? … READ ON >

Famous Quote Friday – Bill Murray

On being asked what its like to be him … “So what’s it like to be me? The only way we’ll ever know what it’s like to be you is if you work your best at being you as often … READ ON >

Create Opportunities For Your Clients To Experience You

The smartest thing you can do with your time is create places – real or virtual – where your clients, fans and admirers can experience who you really are or what you really are. This is the experience. When you … READ ON >

Be Uncool

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool.” – Lester Bangs I was talking to an advisor who referenced how many different people have cried in his office. We … READ ON >

Kindred Spirits

I had a great call with my new friend Ken the other day. I so enjoyed our conversation that I asked him if he would mind if I shared some of his perspective with our tribe and he agreed. I … READ ON >