Let It Find You

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” – William Barclay   The interesting thing about this quote is that it is fine to ask the questions … READ ON >

The Balance is Out of Whack

The concept of work-life balance first appeared in the 1980s when the workplace dynamic began to change. Since then, it has become a concern for every business: failure to manage work-life balance can pose a serious threat to a business. … READ ON >

Case by Case Basis

Every time I use a specific service, my bank first has to call my office before being able to authorize the work. Every time. I can’t have them leave a note on my file, that DMW (me) is comfortable having … READ ON >

To Face Unafraid The Plans That We Made

As the year winds down, I am thinking about all the things I do that make me happy, and all the stuff I do that doesn’t. You are probably doing something similar and if not, you should.  The New Year … READ ON >

Special Announcement

You asked, and we’ve responded. Many of you have let us know that finding previous posts hasn’t always been easy.  So we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added new functionality to our website so that your searches can be accomplished … READ ON >

How Amazing Happens

Ken Campbell is the General Manager of the Hostelling International Alpine Centre in Banff, Alberta, Canada and I have been a guest of his on a number of occasions. Hostels attract a certain crowd, a mix of global nomads ranging … READ ON >

Full Court Press

“The hand check has always been a part of pro basketball.” – Stu Jackson, Coach   Stu Jackson nailed it here. You can easily put this basketball quote into the context of business. After all, business is a game of … READ ON >

The Source of All Goodness

The epicenter of all innovation comes from within people. Innovations in areas like science, business, society, government, to name a few, have never come from the complacent. Innovation comes from people who are engaged in the world around them. Engagement … READ ON >

While Things Get Harder, The Harder Gets Easier

If all you are doing is what you used to do, then things probably feel like they are getting harder. You are not wrong. No matter who you are or what you do, everyone agrees: whatever used to work doesn’t … READ ON >

The New Order Rewards Inspiration, not Motivation

Inspiration is more important than motivation because inspiration is self-created and doesn’t require any input from the outside. As long as you are inspired, you don’t need anything from anyone. Whereas the root word of ‘motivation’ is motive, as in, … READ ON >