Let the Wild Rumpus Start

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” – Winston Churchill A big theme for Dennis and me this year is making a ruckus. We believe in our heart of hearts that things only change when … READ ON >

Even in Minneapolis

Today, we feature a guest post from our Steve Blume, who works with RBC Wealth Management – Client Advisory Services.  Steve is a solid individual who lives and breathes the experience economy and gets up every day to make a … READ ON >

Passmore’s Grocery Store

I grew up in Northern Ontario (capitalized for my own political statement) in the 70s and 80s in a small city named North Bay. Look on any map and North Bay will be there, winking at you. When I was … READ ON >

Generosity Is Powerful, And Word Of Generosity Spreads

Generosity requires you to make an emotional investment in the work you do to transform it from the expected to the memorable. Generosity in your work means you have invested yourself, as a person, into what you are trying to … READ ON >

Friends, Followers And Other Stuff That Is Hard To Quantify

I don’t care how many friends I have on Facebook or how many followers I have on Twitter. I try to never, ever look. When I do, I hate myself. If I started to watch these meaningless statistics, I’d stop … READ ON >


“How a man treats the waitress is how he treats his wife at home.” – Gerald Moseley-Williams. My father told me this after explaining that he fired a client once who was rude to the waitress. He felt that people … READ ON >

Yes, It’s True, We’re Making Fewer Typos

Tom and I made a number of typos in blogs before Susan came along, and when we found our errors after posting our blogs we would be devastated, as if somehow mixing up ‘than’ and ‘then’ was going to bring … READ ON >

6 Tips on Building Rapport

Rapport is often used as a sales tool, but it is so much more than that. Rapport is the very basis for strong and healthy relationships. A definition of rapport that made sense to me is a “close and harmonious … READ ON >

The Comfort Zone Versus The Safety Zone

A lot of people assume they are the same, and for most people they are.  (That is, most people, but excluding you and me, my enlightened and dangerous friends.) Imagine that you are learning to downhill ski, and you find … READ ON >

The Experience Economy – Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I read an interesting article on how Big Beer here in my province is losing traction to the cool, small craft breweries popping up on just about every street corner in every other neighbourhood. There are probably a dozen of … READ ON >