Be Nice – It’s Good Value

Value is directly related to how much need there is. A band-aid always has value, and it’s worth it to keep a supply of them handy. But when someone is bleeding, their value immediately goes up. Suddenly – and precisely … READ ON >

It’s Hard To Find Good Help These Days

Doing anything really hard is always worth it. Running a marathon is harder to do than jogging around your neighborhood, and writing a book is hard, but writing a second book is even harder. Having a baby is amazing and … READ ON >

Power Point

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~ Abraham Lincoln First, let’s forgive Honest Abe the use of the male gender in the words he wrote. This was, after … READ ON >

Now We Are Talking

We strongly believe that good teams don’t happen by accident. We also believe is that hiring the right people is only half the battle. How you form, lead and manage your team is as important as the people who make … READ ON >

In The Garage

A blog for Ben, aspiring rock star, reluctant entrepreneur. A band is just another word for a business. I love speaking with young people who are doing great things and are full of energy and courage. You can’t tell them … READ ON >

We All Have Favorites Because We All Have Preferences

Our preferences are very personal. How we like to be treated, what we consider good value for our investment, and what our expectations are as far as the user experience is concerned are specific to each of us because we … READ ON >

What We All Can Agree With

We want to be impressed. We want to think that it’s remarkable. We want to smile. We want to think ‘that’s nice’ or ‘wow, that’s really good.’ We want to feel important, and we want to feel like we belong. … READ ON >

Beyond Skin Deep

“Beauty is only skin deep.” – Dorothy Parker, American writer We have all heard this in many different contexts. Fear not, I am not going there. Where I am going, though, is a follow-up from yesterday’s blog about compassion. Professionals … READ ON >

Where We Are All the Same

I am going to make a really, really bold statement and say that compassion is the key to quality customer service in the Experience Economy. When I am travelling, I have observed in my reactions to many service interactions that … READ ON >

Order Up!

I had a completely satisfying restaurant experience recently in my town of Ottawa, and when I looked at the chef I wondered what, in fact, constitutes a chef anymore? I thought that there was a difference between a chef and … READ ON >