Taxi Cab Confessions

When a person is paying for an experience, the experience is considered a completely separate offering from the product or service. The ‘experience’ is not ‘a part of’ the product or service, nor is it an extension. The experience is, … READ ON >

The Non-Generous Generous Offer

The NGGO refers to the common practice of placing a condition or conditions on generous offers. “Book now, get a free weekend.” This sounds great until you find out the weekend is limited to a few specific times when you … READ ON >

The Power of Honesty and Vulnerability

“I want to make better mistakes.” – Rohin Ullberg What a powerful statement. A hat tip to you, Rohin, for hanging it out there. When we can be honest with ourselves and admit that we will make mistakes, that takes … READ ON >

What Separates the Strongest Salespeople from the Weakest?

The following article is a direct copy of a blog by Steve W. Martin in the Harvard Business Review from March 2015.   What separates high-performing salespeople who exceed their quota from underperformers who miss their quotas by more than … READ ON >

The Stuff That Gets Printed These Days

I subscribe to a slew of international article feeds and academic papers related to the financial services industry. One arrived the other day with the title (paraphrased to protect the guilty) of how financial advisors could generate leads both online … READ ON >

What We Do When There Is Nothing To Do

I goofed up pretty well the other day, and I caused incredible chaos at DMWSC World Headquarters. The consequences were dire. I missed a detail and to save the day, everyone had to scramble to bail me out. Tom and … READ ON >

Bears And Broken Ankles

In another life, I volunteered at a chidren’s camp that organized canoe trips through the Canadian wilderness for kids aged 10 to 18. When parents visited or when I might have met them at a recruiting event, I would inevitably … READ ON >

WHEN Werewolves Eat Sandwiches

David Letterman: “From your perspective now, do you know something about life and death that maybe I don’t know?” Warren Zevon: “Not unless I know how much you’re supposed to enjoy every sandwich.”   This is an excerpt from the … READ ON >

4 Pillars for Keeping Relevant

Okay, here we go. Time to throw some numbers and facts around to make the Experience quantifiable. Financial planning and investment/saving is – or should be – a central element in most households. Yet the majority of Americans do not … READ ON >

Leaving It All On The Ice

Or the court, or the field, or in the boardroom, or the PTA meeting, or wherever it is you feel the need to get it all out. No doubt you have heard these expressions, but to celebrate the 3rd Stanley … READ ON >