Culture Club

“Culture will always eat strategy for breakfast.” – Andy Turner   I had a friend from the United Kingdom visit with me in late July. At one point during one of our evening chats, he came up with this great … READ ON >

7 Ways to Cultivate Team Culture for Small Business

Employees thrive on team culture. How cool your brand is, the grit of your sales team, the funky vibe of your staff parties — your culture defines the way in which your team interacts with one another and how your … READ ON >

What the Chickens Can Teach Us

For several decades, Margaret Heffernan has been writing and speaking about the things she’s learned from the many businesses she has run – DMGI, iCast Corporation, Marlin Gas Trading in the U.K., among others. Margaret is well-published, well-experienced and well-schooled. … READ ON >

Me And Iggy Azalea

The Ottawa Bluesfest ended the other day, and a very popular singer was checking in at the airport at the same time as me. The Ottawa Bluesfest, the second largest music festival of its type in North America, runs over … READ ON >

Get To Work

Being successful is hard. Getting your business where you want it to be is hard. Writing my second book seems to be getting harder, not easier. Making art or a difference or any work that matters is really hard because … READ ON >

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

“When the past comes knocking, don’t answer. It has nothing new to tell you.” – Anonymous While we may learn a lesson or two from the past, that is about the only value it has for us. If we hang … READ ON >

Earn Trust by Giving It

A funny thing happens when you show someone that you trust them: they begin to let their guard down. If you want someone to trust you more, do your best to show them how much trust you have in them. … READ ON >

The Ivy Lee Method

Recently, an online business publication retold the story of how, back in 1918, Charles Schwab hired the respected productivity consultant, Ivy Lee, to uncover better ways to boost team efficiency. According to the tale, Ivy Lee spent 15 minutes with … READ ON >

Only Staged and Transformative Experiences Count

Based on some emails I have received, I feel a need to clarify ‘great experiences’ from the ‘experience economy.’ The other day, I received an email from a friend of mine, who had had a positive experience buying shoes. “Talk … READ ON >

The Age Of Ultron

The very idea of the robo-advisor is preposterous. What a crock! Consider the promise of the robo-advisor: “For next to nothing, you get absolutely none of the important stuff!” So taxes, essentially. The robo-advisor is essentially running for election, promising … READ ON >