Your Time Is Your Experience

When you charge a fee, you are charging for your time, whether that time is access to a product or a service. But what you are really charging for is an experience — all the time, every time. It’s the … READ ON >

Investing Every Moment in the Next

“My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey I love this quote because it frees up … READ ON >

The Value of Trust

This except is taken directly from a study originally published by John Hancock in 2012: “Investors Trust Their Financial Advisor More Than Their Primary Doctor or Accountant “The John Hancock Trust Survey™ has found that investors have a higher level … READ ON >

Cultivating Huge Dividends

A recent article had some good things to say about life practices that take some discipline to incorporate into our daily routines but pay off big time. We think it’s worthwhile telling you about them here. Time Management It’s a skill … READ ON >

Baby Steps Never Taken

Taking small steps to move oneself forward is all about making progressive change. But sometimes, we say we’re taking ‘baby steps’ to claim progress when really, there hasn’t been enough of it at all. Dennis reminds us that it’s important … READ ON >

The Things We Can’t Live Without …

There are things we need, things we want and things that we can’t live without. Those things that we can’t live without transform us, and matter to us each on a very personal level. Dennis investigates the difference between great service … READ ON >

4 Characteristics of a Real Team

“Good teams don’t happen by accident. It is about commitment, hard work, and they use conflict to get better.” – Tom Frisby The word “team” is so commonly used in today’s organizations that most owners/managers are oblivious to its true … READ ON >

Paving The Rut

Every relationship (friendship, marriages, partnerships, etc.) can fall into a rut. The hallmark of being in a rut is a lack of joy, a feeling of sameness and apathy about the other party. If left unattended, the wheels will more … READ ON >

Giving and Receiving

When we raise our children, when we work with children, when we spend any amount of time with children, we are the best people we can be. We encourage, we smile, we correct, we console, constantly aware that what we … READ ON >

The Real Reason Change Is Hard

Our first reaction, a basic human instinct I fear, is to resist change unless there is an obvious and immediate benefit – like dipping a soft-serve ice cream cone into a chocolate sauce. That’s easy. But the stakes get a … READ ON >