Peace and Joy to One and All

From our families to yours, we wish each of you the very best of the holiday season. We hope it will be one filled with laughter, reflection and peaceful relaxation. Quite possibly, it might even include a light saber. We … READ ON >

Next Year …

Maybe next year, the economy in the USA will continue to roar and the Canadian economy will recover a little. Maybe next year, I will get to speak in Europe. Maybe my blog will hit critical mass, and all of … READ ON >

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Bob Sutton is a professor at Stanford Business School, and he makes a well-reasoned argument that people who have toxic personalities (let’s call them ‘jerks’, versus what Professor Sutton calls them) are actually bad for people and the companies that … READ ON >

The Perspective of Perspective

“Isn’t it great to look at things from the outside looking in?” – Dennis Moseley-Williams               Last week, I spent three days hunkered down with DMW. During our time together we explored our enterprise … READ ON >

Execution Made Simple

Preparation Preparation is a series of incremental steps which build toward a desired outcome. In general, most business people don’t do a great job in preparation. Why? It seems we all can get caught up in our belief systems or … READ ON >

The Era of Now

In a recent blog, I mentioned that one of major trends influencing consumer behavior is immediate gratification (the other being the experience economy, and make no mistake – they are inextricably entwined). Why immediate gratification, and what impact is it … READ ON >

Goodnight, Attawapiskat

Note from DMW – This blog runs a little long and you may be in a rush. The gist of it is, when you are planning something, imagine the worst possible outcomes before you start. Everyone plans to succeed; nobody … READ ON >

The Non-Believers At The Gate

What should we do about them? I think the smartest thing we could do is ignore them. Eventually, they’ll find the door they should be knocking at, and they won’t be a distraction to you anymore. Whatever you are marketing, … READ ON >

Reality Distortion

“There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic timelines.” – Karl-Eric Brière   When we set our goals, we can run the risk of making the importance of the goal be about getting things done in a set time frame. As … READ ON >

Four Questions Worth Answering

Here are four questions that Seth Godin recently put out in a blog. I thought they were worth sharing. When you have a moment to yourself and want to do you and your business some good, answer these questions. Save … READ ON >