The Stuff of Champions

“To be a champion, you only have to do two things: work out when you feel like it, and work out when you don’t feel like it.” – Peter Vidmar, gold medal Olympian   Just so we know, Peter Vidmar … READ ON >

Coaching Versus Managing

The modern day manager or team leader is more of a coach than a traditional manager. The following table outlines some key differences between the two.               The shift from manager to coach/leader has … READ ON >

Innovation: Where Brains Come Out to Play

Last week, I attended a conference/trade show where Dennis was speaking, and I made the rounds of all the exhibitors. It was largely hospitality-based, so there were all kinds of sticky things to get people to spend time at a … READ ON >

It’s Alive!

                  What I am most thankful for in my job is that it allows me to be creative. I love to blog, I love to think about the Experience Economy, entrepreneurship, innovation, … READ ON >

Old Code Revisited

In my book, I wrote about this idea that I refer to as Old Code, which is the term I use to label the lingering influence of basic instinct. Old Code is the really old programming that runs constantly in … READ ON >

The One or the Many

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” – President Franklin D. Roosevelt   Thank you, FDR. Every day, every quarter or every year, we are presented with opportunities or challenges. You can take … READ ON >

Mankind’s Best Friend

I’ll bet your mental image has conjured up every dog you’ve ever owned and loved. Enjoy that for a moment because those wonderful creatures aren’t what this blog is about. Mankind’s best friend is … mankind. I’ve often wondered why … READ ON >

Shakin’ All Over

I wonder how well those automated investment services are holding the hands of their nervous – ahem – ‘clients’ these days? How much comfort are all those algorithms providing investors with more than a few jittery nerves during this time … READ ON >

Bridge Builders Needed (And Wanted)

Far out on the north shore of Lake Superior east of Thunder Bay, you will find the pretty little town of Nipigon, Ontario and a rather important bridge (see above) that spans the Nipigon River and connects the entire country. … READ ON >

Busy Is As Busy Does

There are three reasons (as near as I can figure) that you might be really busy. The first is that the work you do is so important and so meaningful to your audience that your audience continues to get bigger, … READ ON >