The Galaxy Is Far, Far Away

Samsung opened a new flagship store in NYC that doesn’t have any products in it. You can read about it here. Instead of products, Samsung is staging experiences that they know will lead to human transformation, and they hope it … READ ON >

The Simplicity of Honesty

Doesn’t it just feel good?! Absolutely. One of the greatest benefits I get from going out to do an Onsite Business Size-Up with a new client is seeing an honest living in action. The clients I have the privilege of … READ ON >

Priorities or Productivity?

You’ve been working way too many hours a week, you’re constantly on the go, and you still feel like you’re behind in your work. The problem may not be that you’re not working hard enough, but rather that you need … READ ON >

Disrupting the Disrupters

Walter Isaacson has one of those resumes that is truly admirable, especially if one is inclined to hold people of letters in esteem. He’s made a career of researching, chronicling, managing large media firms and overseeing a variety of endeavors. … READ ON >

Can You Believe It?

Humans are inclined to be pessimistic. It likely has a lot to do with evolution. Being pessimistic is at least a second cousin to caution, and being cautious has everything to do with our rise to the top of the … READ ON >

Don’t Look Down On Amateurs

True professionals never look upon amateurs with a jaundiced eye. Professional farmers don’t begrudge the backyard, hipster-gardener his heirloom tomato harvest. Talented mechanics, who bring a little extra to the experience like Kevin Rains of in Cincinnati, don’t get upset … READ ON >

The Ultimate Currency

I am comfortable saying that most of us take things for granted in our lives. One of the things that I notice with myself and others is that we take time for granted. We are not overly mindful about how … READ ON >

Misjudging Risk

The perception of risk is skewed when bad outcomes are vivid, personal and immediate. Given the choice between working on the important and the urgent, the urgent almost always wins. Given the choice between avoiding the rare but grisly outcome, … READ ON >

Experience Can Be in the Eye of the Beholder

Sometimes, in the service economy, if you build it, they will come. And sometimes, when they come, what you intended to be a decent, competent service becomes something more. In ways that couldn’t have been foreseen, your offering resonates so … READ ON >

The Meaning and Purpose of Life

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso   The other day while presenting on the Experience Economy in Austin, I was asked to explain why anyone … READ ON >