21 Hard Things

I was going through some old notes the other day and for whatever reason, this one jumped out at me so I thought I would share. I can’t even remember where I got it so I can’t give credit. Have … READ ON >

Let Me Take Your Pulse

I liked the recent quote by Jim Weddle, chief managing partner at Edward Jones. “I can look up a lot of information on health online,” he said. “But I still go to a doctor.” Ex-actly. Do-it-yourself investors think they know … READ ON >

Why Do I Even Know About Gränsfors Axes?

Because Gränsfors axes are so awesome they are worth hearing about, even though they are made in Sweden and I live all the way over here in Canada. Seth Godin made me aware of the Japanese term otaku, which refers … READ ON >

Trying Harder Isn’t The Answer

When it isn’t going right, I doubt the reason is that you are not trying hard enough. It’s more likely that you are trying the wrong approach and putting your energy into low-return activities. The low ROI/ROE (return on investment/energy) … READ ON >

Leaning Into the Storm

Today we have a rather lengthy quote from Warren Buffett, excerpted from his 2015 letter to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway: “Stock prices will always be far more volatile than cash-equivalent holdings. Over the long term, however, currency-denominated instruments are … READ ON >

To Those Who Reach Out

We’ve all experienced moments when something goes sour, either by a little or a lot. It can happen anywhere – at work, at home, in the community, in a relationship. For whatever reason, a situation arises that causes stress, and … READ ON >

The Mere Idea Of You

As we all know, how people feel when they go to Starbucks is as important to them as the coffee they buy. Starbucks is as much an idea as it is a cup of coffee. I’m convinced that when people … READ ON >

After The Screw Up

There are two kinds of screw-ups: those you cause, and those that couldn’t be avoided. When you mess up, you are going to feel badly about it but then you will have to get past it. Sometimes you get past … READ ON >

The Antidote

            “An ounce of performance is worth a pound of promises.” Mae West   Thank you, Mae. What a perfect quote for a Friday. Consider these words of wisdom to: Live your own life. Guide … READ ON >

The Sacred Ground

Today’s question is very simple. What are your truths? What is it you, and by default your business, really stand for? Whether you know or not, it does not hurt to ask these questions of ourselves every once and a … READ ON >