Get Smart

We tweeted on this topic recently, which you may have seen or read about elsewhere, but if not, it’s deserving of its own blog. It’s The Buffett Formula on how to be smarter about just about anything. Warren Buffett and … READ ON >

Dennis and the Sequel

Today, Dennis invites you to bear witness to his latest project. His video blog about it is here.    

Revisiting Asking Better Questions

Tom and I just spent 3 days on a business retreat discussing all things DMWSC ie. why we are what we are and how we show it. After these sessions, I’m always inspired and focused on doing my most essential … READ ON >

Let The Good Times Roll

This past month has been one for the history books, no question about it. And it has been one in which conversations among family and friends have at times been … fraught, for want of a better word. That said, … READ ON >


In advance of the U.S. Thanksgiving this week, we’re sharing a short video that Dennis shot back in October when the leaves were in full color and plaid jackets were just starting to be needed.  Some of you on our … READ ON >

The Best Parts … I Wonder

Note from DMW – So here is what happened. I have recently been thinking and writing about authenticity. I made a coffee and watched this video of Joe Pine for the 100th time, and I wrote a summary of the … READ ON >

In Through the Out Door

“Don’t deliver a product. Deliver an experience.” – Dennis Moseley-Williams It used to be that you could get away with coming up with a service or product offering that you could then market and sell. That still works when you … READ ON >

Fascination with Ourselves

Good day, eh! Today, I wanted to give you a little treat. In a personal services business, there is nothing more important than understanding how we impact the experience we deliver. When I say ‘we,’ I mean WE, ourselves. Being … READ ON >

Time and The Loop Pedal

How sobering it was, after reading and writing about the best ways to structure one’s time, to learn that Elon Musk – co-founder and product architect of Tesla Motors, creator of SpaceX, progenitor of PayPal etcetera – kicks off Fridays … READ ON >


Fear will make you look away, or ignore. Fear will convince you that you have nothing to say, nothing to add to the story, nothing worthy of anyone’s attention. Fear creates that mental noise that makes it impossible to think. … READ ON >