The End Is Nigh …

The other day, I sat through a really interesting seminar put on by M.I.T.’s Age Lab about the changing face of retirement. It was excellent; the speaker was great, the information was enlightening and everyone loved it, including me. The … READ ON >

Farewell, Ringling Brothers

There was a time when villages and towns shut down at first word that the Ringing circus was arriving in town. Back in the late 1800s and first half of the last century, the Ringling Brothers, who went on to … READ ON >

When Life Is Good

“When you love what you do is it still called work?” – Life is Good We are huge fans of Life is Good around DMWSC. There is always a place in our lives for some serious shift. I don’t say this … READ ON >

Reminder When You Are Not There

The ability to build meaningful integrations, experiences and connections with customers/clients is the lifeblood of a personal services business. The serious shift in providing experience over service is when your actions are memorable, extendable and repeatable. With this in mind, … READ ON >

Are Your Staff “Experienced”?

As Experience Economy specialists, we advocate the wisdom of providing clients with experiences that forge strong, enduring relationships. We believe it is the only way to remain viable in a hyper-competitive, commoditized environment. We also believe that ensuring your team receives … READ ON >


In my free time, I like to play guitar. I use YouTube to look up covers of the songs I like so that by the time I’m playing it for someone, I might say, “This is me, doing a cover … READ ON >

So, How Is 2017 Going For You?

We’re about a week or so into the New Year. So how are you doing with all your New Year’s resolutions? Are you addressing all the things you wanted to tidy up at the end of last year? Those things … READ ON >

Common Sense

‘Nuff said. Best wishes for the weekend.      

4 More Cues of Ineffective Listening

Picking up from where we left off before Christmas, this is the last installment around issues with ineffective listening. Starting next week, we will cover some traits of good listening. Click for Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Sudden … READ ON >

Success, I’ve Got Your Number

We start the New Year with an old habit – resolutions made to ourselves to be better at something. Eating right, exercising more, getting to bed earlier, being more committed to this, that or the other. It’s good, this business … READ ON >