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Shift Disturbing: A Practical Guide To Serious Shift Part Deux

Suggestion Two: Get Comfortable With #*&$*-ing Up

My screw-ups are legendary. At least a couple are discussed at cocktail parties, I am sure of it. I have two spectacular failures that immediately come to mind that were each 6-figure blunders and I mean that literally.

Getting comfortable with screwing up doesn’t mean that you learn to somehow not care about it or that you don’t feel it. Failure hurts.

The serious shift is to learn to see the positives in what may seem a nasty mess of negatives.

“Regrettably, the whole thing went up in an explosion of epic proportion. Still, it was running well enough before it went off the tracks, plus I never really knew Karl in R&D too well anyway. It’s not like it was Lenny.” Look for the positives and then rally around them.

Anything worth doing might not work. You might fail. You could announce your project to the world and then have to admit that it didn’t work.


Obvious? Absolutely, but it’s a fact that failing likely won’t kill you. You will get another chance. So seriously, shift from the failure – “It exploded!” – to whatever positive you can find ie. “I’m not Karl” and get on with it. Try again.

You had an idea, you shared it and you didn’t get the results you were looking for. You did get somewhere, and you did get experience. It’s not much, but it’s not nothing either. Forgive yourself, and go forward. Your failures will be fantastic stories you’ll tell at cocktail parties too.

The real traction comes when you shift away from only doing things that are guaranteed to work.

Share your ideas that you think might lead to breakthroughs or meaningful work or something somehow better. Consider for a moment another positive side of sharing an idea with your colleagues: you are telling them “I trust you.” Believe me, Tom Frisby hears a lot of completely horrible ideas from me. He listens, but he also he encourages me to share them and when I think something up that fits or works, he is my biggest fan. I wonder how many amazing ideas people on your team might be afraid to share?

You desire to be a serious Shift Disturber? You want to respectfully and politely and humanly prove them all wrong? Then embrace the shift.

Shift how you approach your work, which I shared in the first shift blog and now shift your focus from failure to success. Sounds simple, but it’s really hard. Believe me, you’ll be all hung up on Karl.

I know, where to start? Right here, it’s a gift from us. www.seriousshift.com



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