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10 Steps To Serious Shift

“Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.” – Brian Tracy


Tom and I got together last week at my not-so-secret summer lair for our business retreat. In general, we talked about how we can matter more to you and change the posture of our work, through generosity, to create something that will matter and be meaningful to you.

I wrote down these 10 truths to remind myself that work that really matters should feel a little dangerous and a little tense.

  1. Recognize that your work isn’t work, it’s art. Art is anything you do as a human being where you bring emotional labor into the equation to make a connection.
  2. Meaningful work is done to change someone or something for the better.
  3. Tension needs to be embraced. Changing something isn’t easy. If change were easy, you’d already have what you want. When things get tense, it’s because things are shifting. Learn to not only accept it but to embrace it. Tension means you are getting somewhere, that you are pulling something towards you, or pulling yourself towards something.
  4. If you believe in your idea enough, be willing to try it even if it might not work. If your desire to change someone is honest, you will get a second chance. After all …
  5. The person who fails the most will win. In order to keep failing, you have to be good enough to keep playing.
  6. Don’t worry about everyone. Worry about someone.
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others or worrying about what other people are doing, unless they are exciting, bold and making art. If they are just another speaker, speaking about the same old stuff, then ignore them. When they have something good to say, you’ll hear about it.
  8. Look for every opportunity in which to be generous.
  9. Do work that has meaning, and be a person who will be missed when you’re gone.
  10. Accept that the market doesn’t owe you their attention, but the market does give you an opportunity every day to make a difference.



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