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Dennis Moseley-Williams is an internationally-known speaker and consultant to the financial services industry, specializing in the areas of practice management, business development and in the creation and staging of client experiences. Since 1997, his primary business goal and passion has been to help advis­ors create sustainable, predictable, and process-driven practices through the integrated application of effective communications strategies and best business practices.

Dennis is committed to the principle that the transition to evolve one’s business into a client centric, high referral enterprise starts with changing—or shifting—personal attitudes and expectations in order to live a life less ordinary.

Dennis speaks to Fortune 500 companies at national conferences and works on retainer with individual clients and firms. His presentations teach the skills it takes to be successful in today’s highly competitive world, and have established him as one of the industry’s most popular speakers for keynote addresses and full-day workshops.

He has a unique, passionate, and humorous style influenced by the lessons he learned working with top-flight advisors and entrepreneurs.

He is founder of Dennis Moseley-Williams Strategic Consulting, an innovative practice management company that helps organizations reach, connect with, and build sustainable positive relationships with their desired communities.

He is also the author of Serious Shift: How Experience Staging Can Save Your Practice (2013), a guide book that examines how the experience economy can be adapted to the financial services industry.

Dennis received his Certified Expert designation in The Experience Economy from Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s Strategic Horizons program in 2015.

An avid ski enthusiast, Dennis celebrates the Canadian winters by visiting slopes in about every province where they can be found. Dennis, his wife Sherri, their two daughters and their yellow lab, Smooch, live in Ottawa, Canada except during the summer months, where they escape to the western foothills of the Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains, enjoy­ing the quiet and pristine beauty of their cottage, Pine Lodge.


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Tom Frisby has worked in the financial services industry for 17 years, serving as a financial advisor, producing branch manager and a practice management consultant. As a coaching and consulting specialist, Tom oversees the implementation of business-building strategies for small to medium enterprises across a broad corporate spectrum and in practice management for the financial services industry. Tom adheres to the belief that the implementation of fundamental operational and client-driven processes serve as the underpinnings to a successful enterprise, and that delivering an exceptional experience to clients is the key to longevity, growth and client advocacy.

As one of the Principals and co-founders of Dennis Moseley-Williams Strategic Consulting, Tom works closely with advisory teams, corporations and individual clients, developing customized solutions that have resulted in participants enjoying increased client goodwill, streamlined operations and revenue growth through referrals. He is passionate in his desire to help clients and entrepreneurs create sustainable and predictable business systems that serve both their clients and their companies. He is the creator of several programs based on industry best practices adapted to the experience economy.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in History/English and Bachelor of Education. In addition, he has earned an MBA from Royal Roads University with a specialty in Management Consulting. Tom is a Certified Management Consultant and has held the CFP designation. In 1995, Tom attended an Executive Coaching program at the Wharton School of Business.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys nothing more than being with his family. Tom is active participates in activities that include – but are not limited to – hiking, kayaking, cycling, playing Old Timers hockey and being near the ocean. A good book and his guitar are never far away.


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Director of Community Love

Susan Rothery is a twenty-year veteran in the business environment, helping small companies organize their objectives and growth through project management, administrative organization, writing and keeping an eye on the bottom line.  Her skills have been applied to such diverse industries as best practices for financial services; project management and administration in funeral service estate settlement; marketing and social media in hospitality; and seniors downsizing.  During that time, she has worked off and on for Dennis and Tom, so returning to their fold is a personal delight.  She has served as editor for several manuals in the estate settlement industry and two best practices publications in financial services, including Serious Shift: How Experience Staging Can Save Your Practice by Dennis Moseley-Williams.

Prior to her work in the world of business, Susan taught privately in special education and worked with at-risk youths in residential treatment.  She is a graduate of Algonquin College in Ottawa and the University of Waterloo in southern Ontario.

At one time, Susan played the piano, even with papers to prove it, but she regrets no longer being able to claim credit for that.  She’s an avid film buff, trekking to the Toronto International Film Festival each year.  Travel – especially when one is a stranger in a strange land – inspires her.  Crossing oceans is good; changing hemispheres even better.  She is particularly fond of having traversed a river upon an African elephant, swum on the edge of Victoria Falls, and cleaned her boots after walking amongst the penguins in Antarctica.



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