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Be Heard

“Be a voice, not an echo.” – Anonymous

I read the blog below by Seth Godin on January 19 and just wanted to share it with everyone. I loved it because there were a couple of points I could use. There were a couple my kids could use, and I thought there might be something you could use too.

Make a serious shift for yourself or someone else. Read Seth’s blog and take something from it, share it and then do something to make the world a better place today before you close your eyes and go to sleep.

Life is Good. Be grateful. 


How to be heard

Do your homework.

Show up with contributions and connections long before you bring your opinion.

Save the snark for later.

Pay your dues.

Speak up about shared truths, shared principles and shared goals.

Don’t blame the ref only when the call is against you.

Reflect back what you believe the other person is trying to say before you disagree with it.

If you want to persuade on the merits, avoid joining the threatening mob.

Convert six people before you try to convert sixty.

Tell true stories.



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