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Being In The Right Place …

… is all about being in place. So that whenever someone searches for things for themselves, they’ll find you.

You’ll know you have found that place when it feels most like you haven’t.

Everyone else is over there, seemingly sane, safe and secure. Don’t be fooled, it’s like Watership Down over there and if you look closely, Fiver is looking jittery.

You’re over here. Alone.

Alone and different is the new safe.

That’s the whole point right?

Everyone else isn’t you.

Everything amazing starts off a secret.

Nobody wants to die a secret.

The secret to becoming a secret that people talk about is to connect with people and change them.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Just do more of it. Create places and spaces, in person and in the digital world, where you can create an experience for your people.

The wrong thing to do would be to wander off to the other party.



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