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There is a motive, however, to our generosity: We hope you will join with us in conversation and share your thoughts, experiences and what you have learned from others with us.

Then we can again say thank you.

Hear the Old Whistle Blowing

Gord Downie has died. The front man of The Tragically Hip and Canada’s Shakespeare has left a hole in our nation that you could drive a truck through. You’d think I would have so much to say about it, and … READ ON >

Quit Doing Work That Pays

Start doing work that matters. Almost every business focuses on working in a predictable way. If you go into one financial planning office, you have essentially just walked into most financial planning offices. There is nothing interesting going on. They … READ ON >

The 7 (Actually 8!) Questions I Wish You’d Ask Me …

… regarding how to matter more to your audience, attract interest and new business.   1. Is it possible to overcommunicate? Depends on what you tweet. I’m kidding (mostly). The question to ask is whether or not your message is … READ ON >

The More You Give

“The more you give, the less you need.” – Stephen Richards   When I am out on the road, I meet a lot of people who read the blog, and I am always thrilled by these conversations. Blogging is my … READ ON >

Preach To The Converted

When someone says “you are preaching to the converted” they are telling you that you’re wasting your time. “Why are you telling me? I’m already a believer. You’re wasting your time. Go find a heathen and get to work.” I … READ ON >

Seeing The Other Side

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein   Every problem seems easier to solve when we’re talking to people who share our worldview. Every idea sounds incredible and fantastic when we are sharing it with … READ ON >


How flexible are you? Can you change your mind or shift your opinion as to what is possible? Are you stuck with what you prefer, what you think, what you know, even how much you weigh, or what language(s) you … READ ON >

Are These Your Humans?

If you want to succeed in business, you need a group of humans (people, if you prefer) who care about what you have to say and who share your worldview. You need a group of humans who see you as … READ ON >

10 Steps To Serious Shift

“Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.” – Brian Tracy   Tom and I got together last week at my not-so-secret summer lair for our business retreat. In general, we … READ ON >

Becoming Fit     

We talk a lot about the importance of having clients and employees who are the right fit for your organization. What we mean by “fit” is that the clients and employees align with the organization’s core values. Determining the right … READ ON >