In Serious Shift, Dennis Moseley-Williams examines the attributes and behaviours of Very Successful Advisors (VSAs), showing that the transition begins with changing—or shifting—one’s attitudes and expectations in order to live a life less ordinary. VSAs understand that clients seek consistent, memorable and meaningful experience, one that makes the client feel listened to and cared for. They know they must be fully aligned with clients when it comes to respect, trust and shared purpose.  It’s a tall order but a vastly rewarding one, and it is absolutely achievable with determination, discipline and method.

Dennis addresses the obstacle of resistance to change and ways to overcome it. Step-by-step, he describes the processes that can transform one’s practice into an experience-driven enterprise built on trust and advocacy. Transparency, engagement, trust, experience delivery – these qualities and practices represent the true reasons for being in business, for forging strong client relationships while reaping the results of one’s labors.

The book is available is available in any digital format right here, and for those of you who wish to hold a copy, you can order a hard copy right here.

Initial feedback is:

“I could ‘hear’ your voice in my head when I was reading … I immediately drew parallels to my own business, and I will admit that I laughed out loud on the train.” KM

“When you changed gears and got technical, I was impressed that you didn’t lose your ‘mojo’, that wasn’t an easy transition and you did so masterfully.” DH

“You set the stage perfectly by getting inside the head of successful people. You dismissed the usual suspects and instead offered up a simple but very accurate summary of not only what successful advisors do, but who they are and what they think.” MB

“Congratulations! I believe you have succeeded. I read your book in less than a day, I have since recommended it to another advisor and also the contractor who is working on my house.” JPN