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Courage Is For Other People

Courage is for the people who have no choice, people like Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava who were rescued last week after being lost at sea for six months.

Courage is for people who are gifted, people like Stanley Kubrick, or Nina Simone, or Bobby Orr.

Courage is for the people who are called, people like Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks and Pope Francis.

Courage is for other people.


I am pretty sure that courage is a choice.

I have no doubt that you have done something courageous in your life. You have done something that was brave and generous and important.

The question is, when will you care enough to be brave again?

My hunch is that courage is what’s missing from what’s missing. You don’t need the economy to change, or a better product, or a more competitive price.

You need the courage to stand up and tell the world about why you do it the way you do it, and the courage to live with the consequences. Namely, that some people (the wrong people) won’t care.



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