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“How genuine can I be with my clients?”

This was an absolutely fantastic question that a client asked me yesterday and after some further dialogue, we discovered that the word GENUINE was really better described by AUTHENTIC. When we then changed the question to, “How authentic can I be with my clients?”, we had a powerful question that gets to the heart of what a personal services business is built on.

The two key results of this conversation were the following questions:

  1. Are you being true to your own self?
  2. Are you being who you say you are to others?

Your clients and potential clients crave authenticity. Now before I go any further, remember what a brand is. It is nothing more than a promise kept. For too long, marketing and sales tactics have violated the two questions above and people are sick and tired of it. How many times have you bought a good or service only to find it does not match up to what you were promised or encouraged to expect?

As Pine and Gillmore explain in their book Authenticity:

“While one of these questions [see above] may overshadow the other, individuals and companies must contend with both simultaneously. So often today, people distort the first question and ignore the second, as habitually found in self-help books, DVDs and workshops … [Is the message that] you’d be a much better person if only you were someone else?”

The new age of marketing and client expectations demands that you be authentic. Just be your wonderful and beautiful self and forget the lure to pretend to be someone or something else.

Now back to the conversation with my client. After we digested and accepted the reality of reality, she gave an audible sigh of relief and said, “Now that is liberating.”

Continued success and may the Serious Shift be with you.



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