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The Elf Owns The Shelf


I was standing in a bookstore lost, looking for a book that I hope exists. I was just standing there looking at the spines of all these books, reading titles that all sounded the same. I felt sorry for the authors who had put so much energy into writing their books and getting them published, only to find themselves on a crowded shelf with only hope to go on.

The thing is, every shelf is crowded, the real ones and the digital ones.

This is why simply getting on a shelf isn’t enough of a goal. You need to own the shelf, like the Elf. If you don’t own the shelf, if your goal is just to get some visibility, then it’s already over for you.

Skip the shelf. Go directly to the people who care. Skipping the shelf means you get talked about. Skipping the shelf means you are in a category of your own. There is everyone else, then there is you.

All kinds of shelf space is available to all of us that wasn’t available to us before – YouTube, blogs, podcasts, and the ability to join any conversation anywhere just by making a comment. It’s never been easier to be amazing, and to be discovered.

Shelf space is free because it’s not worth anything unless you do something with it.



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