If you want to ask a question personally please contact us directly. We’re here to help and we’re friendly so call us.

What is your professional experience?

Some common questions related to our professional experience are:

  • How long have you been working as a consultant?
  • How many advisors have you worked with?
  • What firms have you worked with?
  • Have you worked with “successful” producers?
  • What is your track record and how did you gain this knowledge?

Feel free to ask us more about these. We would love to tell you about our experiences. You can start your exploration by reading our About page and reviewing some of our Resources.

Will you help me implement?

Most advisors know what to do but they struggle with implementation. The success of our relationship will be built on your ability to execute your plans. In most cases, the value of our consulting is all about implementation. Ideas that simply focus on campaigns or sales gimmicks, claiming to be a panacea, are not what you are paying for.

You can expect to learn more about yourself, and you can expect to see your business a little differently. But the true value of working with us is that you can also expect to implement.

The process, of course, results in acceleration.

What will this program do for me personally?

The Business Acceleration Program is a lifestyle change. Meaningful change is lasting change. We all get excited when we hear a good idea that we know makes sense for us either personally or professionally. Good ideas—even best practices—can languish in the absence of process-driven implementation.

The Business Acceleration Program relies on systems and process to ensure that strategies are implemented at an executional level. These new disciplines become habit because they are simple and they make sense.

How do you manage all the different personalities on my team? How do you get everyone to buy in?

First, we clearly and specifically define what your goals are. Everyone wants “to improve” or “generate more referrals” or “ensure a more consistent experience.”

Our mutual success will rely on our ability to clearly define what your goals are with you and then indicate the changes that are required to make those goals a reality.

The results are shared, and the metrics are tailored to you and your practice.

How will we measure my progress? What kind of ROI can I expect?

We will establish targets and goals at the beginning of our relationship and meet weekly to ensure we are meeting our deadlines and objectives.

Certainly, some of your progress will be personal. You will feel better knowing that you have a plan in place that leads to anticipated—and desired—outcomes. You will be making progress and be aware of it; only you can put a value on ROI like that.

The language of business, however, relies on specific measurements. We will also measure progress by tracking production, hours worked and revenue.

At the start of the program, we go through a process to institute a measurement matrix that will be meaningful to you and what you are looking to achieve with your business.

Progress is strategically planned with your unique needs in mind.

Can I speak with someone you have already worked with?

Yes. When the time is appropriate, we are happy to facilitate introductions with previous clients who have faced similar challenges to the issues you will have discussed with us.  These advisors understand our process-driven solutions and would be pleased to help you in your decision.

We want to ensure that we are working with people who fit our ideal client profile.  Our solutions aren’t for everyone, and we don’t have an off-the-rack product. Our referral process reflects that reality.

Are you really that selective about whom you work with in this capacity?

Yes. We have to be.

Our boutique consulting practice enables creative innovation in our own workplace and provides us with a rich professional experience. It also enables us to lead fulfilling personal lives that affords us the necessary time for meaningful experiences. That is exactly what we want for our clients because we believe it is good for everyone.

There is a cost to every life, and the total fee must include the price of being absent, overstressed and unfulfilled.

The Alignment Process isn’t a gimmick to make us appear busier than we are. There is only so much time available to work with individual advisors and teams. We may only work with a handful of clients per year.

The Alignment Process ensures that our clients share our vision and have the capacity to learn and implement.