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When You Go Down In Flames, You’ll Go Down Quietly

If you’re lucky, you’ll go down raging against the dying of the light, with great ideas and bold moves. But it’s more likely you’ll slip out the side door quietly. You’ll likely turn off the lights yourself on your way out, having already picked up the chairs for a better sweep. You’ll murmur your ‘thank yous’ and fade to black.

Fear, the emotion that we can likely thank for our successful migration to the top of the evolutionary pile, is now the enemy. Fear is what is stopping you from doing what’s next. Fear is keeping you quiet. Fear is keeping you playing a defensive, utterly pointless game. You are living not to lose, instead of playing to win.

Playing it safe is about the same as playing not to lose. It’s not that you’ll strike out like Casey at the bat. You’ll probably hit the ball. Except it will be an easy single to the third baseman, who’ll throw to first before your foot hits the bag.

If you want to defeat fear, you have to replace it with a habit.

I meet people who read my blog. They tell me they wish they wrote a blog themselves. “So write a blog,” I tell them. I further tell them that when I started writing a blog, I didn’t know what the next couple of thousand blogs would be about. I knew what the blog I was writing was going to be about, and that was it.

Write the blog. I tell people that nobody has to read it. You don’t even have to tell anyone you have a blog, but you do have to write it and post it.

When you start writing a blog – or doing something else that you find scary – you replace fear with discipline and habit. Write a little bit, every day, even a short blog. Then hit the publish button and that’s that. You blogged.

Whatever you are afraid of, do a little bit of it every day. Just a little bit. Get comfortable with it.

Right there, that’s a serious shift.

Habits are more powerful than fears.



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