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You contributed to making the world a better place last year – thank you very much. Earlier this year, I posted an appeal to donate some money to my friend Adam’s 501C3 nonprofit, Bridges To America, and you did and we helped Adam reunite a family in the USA.

A little bit of the note from Adam.

Hey DMW! Great speaking with you the other day, my Canadian friend. I wanted to send you this note and I hope you will share it with your Clan.

Hello DMWSC blog readers – thank you so much for your donation to ‘Bridges;’ you helped us pull off another successful case. Thank you. We are a small charity. We focus on projects of a specific size and scope that we can manage efficiently and successfully. This past year, you generously responded to a request from Dennis, Tom and Susan. Because you did, we more easily reunited a family after 8 years of separation. During the holidays this year, I will celebrate you. I hope you celebrate yourself a little too. Thank you so much.

This is the one of the few times a year where I sit back and look at what has been DONE instead of what needs fixing. This year was great – we did some great things and we did it with your help.

Thank you again for being a great human being.

Adam Miles


When I spoke with Adam on the phone, he was feeling pretty good. He had had some things fall apart, and that stung. But as he said, he has mastered forward momentum. He can walk through anything.

The world is getting better, everyone. We are all more similar than we are different, and although we (humanity) are messy, we are making progress together. We have corrections, we sometimes get what we want, we sometimes don’t, but we always get through and we will again.

Of course you may not feel that way right now. We can too easily see what isn’t.

This is part of how we get better. How we progress. We take some things for granted, we take a step back or get knocked back, we can’t believe it, we believe it, we accept it, we get past it, we get to a better place.

Let’s help Adam, not because the world is going to hell, but because it isn’t. Let’s help a bunch of kids we don’t know. It’s Christmas, it’s easy, and a donation is more than a donation. It’s a statement that the world is good. Right here, my friends.



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