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Relevant Relevance

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein


It constantly amazes me how profound Albert Einstein was beyond the world of science. In this week’s quote, we find a very interesting juxtaposition with respect to success.

There is little doubt that success can be a goal in its own right and has driven many to great heights of athletic prowess, financial fortune or the building of empires. However, we have also seen plenty of examples where the rise to the top ends up being an empty and hollow victory.

The alternative (and less self-serving) path to success is to focus on creating value (or being relevant) to the world or those clients/customers you serve. The compounding effect of focusing on adding value and relevance to others will create a compounding effect that will lead to incredible success. When you are at the end for this journey, you will have collected so much goodwill and gratitude along the way that you will be a much more fulfilled human being.

Most of us are probably somewhere in between. What would happen if we made a Serious Shift and did all we could to leave our success out of it and just focused on adding value to others for 36 months? Maybe the theory of relativity isn’t so hard after all.

May the Shift be with you. Cheers, TF

[Happy 150th birthday, Canada, on July 1!  And Happy 4th of July to our American friends.  We’ll be back after both holidays on Wednesday.]



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