What are you doing now to prepare for the day you retire? Consider all the assets that you currently have under administration. Most advisors would prefer to see these assets – and the valued clients they represent – well taken … READ ON >


Move from a “generalist” to a “specialist” mentality. Have a scalable model with individuals deeply focused so that you don’t try to reinvent yourselves each day and so that you can build standardized systems and processes. A client belongs to … READ ON >


Studies show that high-performing advisory firms distinguish themselves by executing specific strategies and processes that result in consistent AUM growth year over year, increased profits and higher productivity. Here’s how they managed it: 1.  They were able to grow their … READ ON >

Activity Management Formula

Below is an article that provides an explanation and formula explaining that successful time management is really all about realistic activity management.  Plug in your own numbers to see if you are overextending yourself.  There is no need for false … READ ON >

What Successful People Do

There was a time, back when I was young and callow, when I measured success primarily by a person’s material wealth and ability to act freely to pursue their interests. I’m a little ashamed of that, but that’s youth for … READ ON >

Trust: Once You Have It, Everything Gets Easy

When your clients trust you, they will do anything you tell them to do. This is why – in an industry that sells invisible products – trust is so critical. Because without it, you’re over. There isn’t much else to … READ ON >

Top Ten Ways to Keep Everyone Focused on Execution

During my years of coaching and consulting, I’ve discovered that the very best advisors are always looking to improve. You obviously are taking your business development seriously as well. So I’ve compiled a list of what I call “best principles” … READ ON >

Making the Most of Your Call Rotation

As far as running your practice is concerned, you have 3 objectives every time you pick up the telephone to speak with a client: 1. Maintain relationships. 2. Deliver key messages. 3. Increase revenue with that client through additional services … READ ON >

Is There Anything Better Than An Upgrade

My observation has been that businesses place too much emphasis on the importance of prospecting, as opposed to growing the business through client referrals that result from providing exceptional client experiences. To be even more specific, I feel that it … READ ON >