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It may surprise you, but the Coca Cola Company didn’t invent Santa. However, you would be forgiven for thinking they did. That’s because Coke owns Christmas. Every year they put out a great TV spot that serves to not only officially kick off the Christmas season but also manages to simultaneously remind me that I have only so many days left to disappoint everyone, again, at Christmas.

Traditions. I have a few.

When you think about it, our understanding of virtually every distant historical figure (George Washington) or mythical figure (Superman) is just a visual manifestation of everything that marketers have told us.

Sometimes marketers are telling us stories to sell Coke at Christmas; sometimes, they’re just spinning a tale (Washington and his cherry tree).

It all comes down to two truths. The first is that people want to believe. The second is that most people are comfortable believing what everyone else believes.

What do people believe about you?



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