Business Acceleration Program

A world-class wealth management business runs on systems and procedures, with a focus on delivering exceptional, professional, and consistent client experiences. This foundation allows the practice to grow through word-of-mouth endorsements from existing clients and/or related financial professionals.

The financial services industry is full of inspired and clever ideas related to practice management, ways to improve client loyalty and methods for increasing net new money through referrals. Yet despite all of this insight and inspiration, a disconnect can occur when advisors are left to their own devices.

Our Business Accelerator Program is for financial advisors who are motivated to implement innovation and lasting change. We offer a proprietary process that uses research and best-practices to feed acceleration. Our process rests upon a foundation of strategy and clarity in order to reach focused implementation. We like measurement; it’s a big part of our process.

We audit your practice to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses before recommending a strategy, creating a plan and agreeing on goals. We collaborate with you and your team to help build a course of action, making amendments where necessary to adjust your trajectory. Through support and guidance, we help our clients enhance the experience that they deliver to their clients so that they may take their businesses to new levels of operational success and profitability.

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Personal Acceleration Program

We provide premium consulting services and strategy development for clients who are just like us, which means entrepreneurial and willing to shift their approach to doing business.

The entrepreneurial advisor sees his or her business in personal terms. From the initial ideas to the hard work of making it happen, we identify with professionals who want their work to be as individual and personal as they are.  These are the advisors who don’t seek a one-size-fits-all solution.  They seek clarity in being able to identify objectives and constraints so that they can implement a solution that is singular, strategic and immediate.

The Personal Accelerator Program guides you to success by being multidimensional and holistic in its approach. It is about performance, personal growth and fulfillment. It is also all about your business and is tied to performance and results.

Be prepared for results that go beyond the obvious.  After all, what is professional success worth if it cannot enrich and be enjoyed on a personal level?

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Accelerator Series

Many people sell clever ideas related to practice management. There are a lot of ways to build client loyalty, improve your digital profile or become a better networker to stimulate referrals.

And yet between the moment of inspiration and the moment of implementing all the brilliant ideas that have been purchased, many financial services professionals can reach an impasse.  The reasons are varied.  Some are internal — self doubt, lack of clarity, lack of action.  Others are external — lack of process, organizational capacity or skill.  Regardless of the reasons, the initial enthusiasm is soon over.

Our Accelerator Series groups are dynamic and engaging interactive experiences designed to create lasting results and bring meaningful value to your business. We provide participants with an experienced facilitator and include proven tools and resources that are completed during the session.  Two coaching calls with each participant follow each workshop in order to troubleshoot issues encountered in the implementation phase. Participants additionally receive comprehensive resources that can be implemented immediately and add to / expand upon a selection of strategies briefly covered in the workshop.

Accelerator Series Groups are available over one full day or over several focused days.

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