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Shift Disturbing: A Practical Guide To Serious Shift Part 3

Don’t work for everyone; they don’t deserve you. If you choose average, you choose nothing. Creating something for everyone is the excuse that most business owners make for not making tough decisions.

Everyone is not a market. Appealing to the masses, hiding in blandness, fitting in, being boring and safe isn’t sensible. It’s self-sabotage that allows us to save ourselves from the anxiety of doing something amazing and the heartache of failure.

Get as specific and precise as you possibly can when it comes to selecting your target market. Make one perfect thing for one sort of client, not for everyone. You can’t be all things to all people; you can just try.

To create something meaningful, you have to make tough choices.

Is it for everyone or just some people?

What are you willing to sacrifice? Quality or revenue?

Are you going to make something honest?

Are you thinking about what you can get away with, or how you can make it even better?

There are always decisions to be made, and the clearer you are at the beginning the more able you are to build a project that will matter and succeed.

Would Facebook have become as successful had Mark Zuckerberg tried to make something for everyone? Facebook became for everyone, but it started as something just for students at Harvard.

Steve Jobs and his gang of clammy nerds made computers that they and other clammy nerds would want to use. They didn’t make computers for everyone; they made computers for their cohort, and the rest of us caught up. It’s that enthusiasm that remains at the heart of Apple.

Make something that you and only you would like.

Make difficult choices early and stick to them.

When you deal in average-for-everyone business, you engage in average-for-everyone thinking. Don’t. You’re missing out.

Build something for you, for people like you who appreciate experience and purpose. When you deal with people who want average, you deal with people who care about things like price and cost. They know no other way.



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