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So, How Is 2017 Going For You?


We’re about a week or so into the New Year. So how are you doing with all your New Year’s resolutions?

Are you addressing all the things you wanted to tidy up at the end of last year? Those things that drive you crazy, that you were just waiting for some down time to address? How is your workout routine? Are you feeling fantastic? Are you considering a Tough Mudder? Let me know how that goes. While I’m thinking of it, how are the smoothies working out? Are they helping with the detox? Do you feel younger, more alive? Are you more patient from meditation, more limber from yoga, and less wound up because you are drinking green tea? Are you looking forward to seeing your friends at the book club you joined? Maybe you started your own?

We’re just over a week into 2017 and most resolutions have spun off the road, fiery wrecks of good intentions, soon to smolder in the snow.

Not really a surprise. Changing ourselves for the better isn’t easy work. It takes more than a couple of weeks to stop being a mess with bad habits, and it doesn’t matter how easy it might be.

It will take you more than a couple of weeks to change into a better you. We are people, and we love our routines and the security (and safety) we get from our routines, even the ones that we wish we could change.

The Serious Shift …

Here at DMWSC, we are in the midst of a serious shift. We hope that within the next few months, we will accomplish two seemingly opposite results. We hope you don’t even recognize us, but we also hope you find us very familiar.

The good news is that what we are working on is being better. More accessible, more helpful, more clear, more helpful, more relevant and more relatable.

Through all of this, we hope to be able to help you help yourself a little more easily.



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so you have been reading the compound effect.

Hey John,
I have not, but I will look it up. I am reading Deep Work right now, at Tom Frisby’s recommendation “Dennis, read this book right now!”

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