Experience Centered Solutions

What inspires companies, and what makes them inspiring? Dennis Moseley-Williams examines these questions, engaging audiences with creative insights on how to develop experience-driven solutions that deliver results, increase revenues, and build enthusiastic referral-generating communities.

When it comes to revenue growth, today’s marketplace can challenge financial advisors in ways that didn’t exist all that long ago.  Regulatory changes. Diminishing profit margins. Evolving technologies.  Shifting client expectations. Add the ease with which clients can now switch advisors and acquire products and information online. Given all of these changes and pressures, one comes to the following conclusion: the only unique competitive advantage is the exceptional experience an advisor can create for his or her clients.

To do so, one needs to change – or shift – attitudes and expectations in order to live a life less ordinary.  Process and implementation – following a predictable path toward anticipated outcomes – are what turn ideas into action.

An internationally known consultant with expertise in practice management and business development, Dennis inspires organizations in an engaging and dynamic style to create, innovate, and foster closer relationships with stakeholders, clients, and customers alike.  He is a Certified Expert in The Experience Economy (Pine and Gilmore, 2015).

For more than 15 years, he has spoken to professionals and executives seeking real-world solutions that are both innovative and possible. He also discusses entrepreneurship, motivation, goals, life-balance and personal achievement.  His message remains one of spirited innovation backed by smart process leading to sustainable growth and results.

Dennis has spoken at N.A.I.F.A (National Association of Independent Financial Advisors) in the USA, as well as C.A.F.P (Canadian Association of Financial Planners, now Advocis) in Canada. Dennis has also been featured at MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table).

His audiences include Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, UBS, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Putnam Investments, ING, as well as Bank of America, Nations Bank, PNC among others.

Trust, transparency, engagement – these are not simply buzzwords of a new order.  They represent the raison d’être of being in business.