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Sucking And Blowing – The Difference

You probably didn’t know there was a difference, but luckily for you I spend a lot of time on airplanes where I have time to consider these important matters of distinction. And I assure you that there is not only a difference, there is also a pretty good chance you are doing both simultaneously, although you have, up until now, likely considered this impossible.

Sucking means you, or some person or experience you are engaged with, isn’t putting enough effort out. “This sucks” means someone, or something, is phoning it in. The effort isn’t there. Whomever is sucking is doing as little as possible to get the job done. When you say “I suck,” what you are saying is “I’m a complete letdown and I know it and I know better.”

Blowing, or blows on the other hand, means that despite the effort (which could be considerable), the end result leaves you (or others) disappointed and wanting for a better result.

Sucking is an attitude adjustment.

Blowing is a strategy adjustment.

When you manage to suck and blow simultaneously, it’s impressive but for all the wrong reasons.

Are you trying hard, working hard, but still missing the mark? You blow.

Are you phoning it in, are you protecting the status quo, are you hiding in your own nonsense and fantasy to protect yourself from having to grow up? You suck.

The world – the parts of it that pay attention to you and the parts of it that haven’t even heard of you yet – wants you to be amazing.

Amazing means you show up, and amazing means that your work is worth talking about. Your work is different and unique and thought-provoking and is not only worth experiencing but also sharing with others.

One final thought: the wind technically sucks.


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Very enlightening!

Thanks Randal.

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