Private Consulting

“Aligning our business behind a Unique Client Experience was a hard work and a pleasure. The consistent guidance and insistence on accountability ensured the success of our program.”

“Interactions are always fun and informative. The level of professionalism and attention to details allowed me to grow my business substantially after being involved in the program. I very highly recommend the DMWSC private consulting for someone who is looking to take their business to the next level.”

“The work with my team helped us add structure to our practice. The process of the program is a tremendous resource for anyone wanting to take their investment advisory practice to the next level.”

“We have looked deeper into ourselves than at times we were confortable doing, but the journey has been the most powerful experience yet with respect to personal and business development. Time well spent.”

“We are very pleased with our implementation. Although we have not finished the program we are impressed with the ability to thoroughly systematize our business and to enable us to focus on our top clients to improve service and delivery and put into place a low key system to increase client referrals.”

“I have to say that the private consulting approach at DMWSC is the most practical and useful approach I have seen or experienced. In particular, the concept of systematizing client and office processes to insure a consistent world-class experience is very powerful. It’s an idea that’s intuitive but much more easily said than done. I think you have made “doing it” as easy as it’s going to get!”

“The program has added greatly to me and our team personally and professionally. Through focus, help and advice, our firm expanded significantly in service and revenue. More importantly, the integrity, wisdom, vision, passion of DMWSC and a strong commitment to adding value has improved both our firm, and our personal lives.”


“It is a real treat to have such an engaging speaker. Dennis takes you down the garden path with humor and insight and then brings you face to face with the point he making in a very compelling way. He then offers solutions to take action. Great inspiration. Great value!”

“I had the privilege of seeing Dennis present to the Financial Planning Association. His presentation was perhaps the most informative I’ve seen given to advisors. His ideas were both thought provoking and also very actionable. Following his presentation, I emailed him several questions and his follow through was excellent as well. Finally, he’s very entertaining.”

“Dennis is an energetic, knowledgeable, and entertaining strategic coach. He presents ideas creatively and shows advisors how to implement the ideas. Whether it is one-on-one, small groups or large audiences, you, too, will be impressed with Dennis and his ability to help advisors grow their businesses.”

“Simply put Dennis delivers. The above attributes all summarize Dennis. His energy and messaging transfers perfectly into actionable steps for our reps. He relates personally and professionally with our clients, and does so with sincerity, and humor. He is ALWAYS the highest rated and attended speaker at any conference he has attended. He is one of the finest in his craft.”

“We utilized Dennis on our National Road Show and found his presentations to be educational, entertaining and valuable. We would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Mastermind Groups

“The program has helped me identify my purpose.  We all do our jobs. This program has helped me to land on my mission statement and understand my calling, which is to be in this business.  it has helped me understand the consequences of working with the people who are helping me do what I do.  I have considerably more patience with the training process of others working for and around me.”

“This program’s greatest value has been the way in which I implement change into my practice.  Rather than teaching me how to do something differently, the program is teaching me to do what I want to be doing for the greatest benefit to my clients and my practice.  I feel like I have a model which works for me.

I have always heard that I should be segmenting my business.  DMW Strategic Consulting taught me how and why.  This has been a great benefit to my business as I am focusing my attention and time more effectively than ever.  Since our industry is essentially all about care, and care takes time, I am able to more effectively care for my clients.”

“Coming into this program, I was in the process of developing a team model around my business which would have taken me in the opposite direction than I really wanted my business to go.  This program provided me with the tools to breakdown my business process, discard inefficiencies, and rebuild a clear service model.  The net result is better service to my best clients, a more enjoyable day-to-day experience, and added growth to my business.”

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for such a great workshop on Monday. We have heard nothing but good feedback from our advisors and staff that were in attendance – they really felt that the material was valuable and found Dennis very engaging. We would absolutely love to get you in front of the group again at some point so that even more of our advisors could benefit from your work. Let’s stay in touch about future opportunities.”

“You should let DMW know that we’re conducting our monthly check-in calls this week and our reps have been singing his praises. They were very impressed with his session and many have taken to heart the “Wow” client experience and are reaping the benefits of more referrals…and it’s only been 6 weeks!”

Serious Shift

“I could ‘hear’ your voice in my head when I was reading … I immediately drew parallels to my own business, and I will admit that I laughed out loud on the train.”

“When you changed gears and got technical, I was impressed that you didn’t lose your ‘mojo’, that wasn’t an easy transition and you did so masterfully.”

“You set the stage perfectly by getting inside the head of successful people. You dismissed the usual suspects and instead offered up a simple but very accurate summary of not only what successful advisors do, but who they are and what they think.”

“Congratulations! I believe you have succeeded. I read your book in less than a day, I have since recommended it to another advisor and also the contractor who is working on my house.”