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The More You Give

“The more you give, the less you need.” – Stephen Richards


When I am out on the road, I meet a lot of people who read the blog, and I am always thrilled by these conversations. Blogging is my favorite part of my job, it’s the work I love the most, and curiously it’s the hardest. I love it to a fault. I assume I’ll do it my whole life; I’ve been at it for years now.

The other day in Colorado Springs, someone pointed out that I could probably charge for my blog, that I could possibly find a sponsor or two, or even sell some ads.

What I said (as best as I can recollect) was this: Not only can I not imagine charging for my blog, I’d probably pay you to read it. I am in debt to you.

Every time you read something I write here, you are giving me a gift of time and attention, which are getting more precious by the moment. You have more choices every day, especially digital ones, and it’s harder and harder to find the time. I know this, and I am humbled and grateful that you opened this up again today to see what I’m thinking about.

I’m doing my very best to make your attention worth it.

Let’s all agree that having someone’s attention is the greatest compliment they can pay us, and let’s all consider how we can make it time well spent.

So thank you, and have a great weekend.



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Dennis , I wanted to write & tell you how much I appreciated your presentation in Denver on 13 October. (Transamerica)I was one of the advisors you presented to that day. I was thoroughly focused on every Wor you said . I appreciated your humor & heartfelt belief in what you were conveying in your message to us. I look forward to reading your blog & hope our paths cross again in the future,, take care

Thank you Steve, for taking the time to share such a compliment. I enjoyed that meeting very much, and I do believe it. Selling goods and services isn’t enough, people are looking for more. They don’t just want what they buy to work they want it to transform them.
Who do you want your customers to become?
Take care, DMW

Steve thank you. I enjoyed that meeting and I too hope to see you again, and soon. That was my first meeting with Edward Jones, hopefully the first of many. See you down the road. DMW

Dennis, I had to stop & think about your question.IAs I thought about it, would like for them to be so impacted positively. That they would become my advocates in th community. When someone shares your name with a friend or neighbor there is no higher compliment. What are your thoughts?


Hey Steve – I agree completely. The smartest thing a business can do is stage an experience that is so engaging that clients feel compelled to share the experience with others.
The slip up for most businesses make is that they confuse service with experience, the results can be catastrophic.
A nice thought for a Saturday afternoon. DMW

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